Putting a Price on Wow

How we estimate your custom‑made experience.

Limitless Possibilities

How do you put a price on one-of-a-kind? Pricing your panels will vary based on a number of factors.
Here is a pricing example of a past project with specific requirements for aesthetics, build, and hardware.
Of course, each project and each space is unique.
Tell us about your ideas and we would love to quote your project.

Example Project

an example of work we did in Fountain Hills turning a wall hiding water feature equipment into a work of art


Fountain Hills, Arizona


Unattractive block screen walls hiding water feature equipment.


Decorative botanical-inspired panels to match the park-like setting.


From unsightly walls to a beautiful, custom-made wow experience.

we designed 3 panels that added sophistication and matched the style of the park

Municipal project for the town of Fountain Hills, AZ. Included a major renovation of the town’s park-like setting essential for the bustling business and tourism traffic this community enjoys.

  • 3 panels per wall location
  • 11 gauge 5052 aluminum material
  • Geometric botanical design “U”
  • 4 90-degree strength bends at edges
  • High-temp, baked finish, Weathered Brown powdercoat
  • 3-inch galvanized standoffs with 4-inch lag machine bolts

In partnership with town of Fountain Hills, AZ, Low Mountain Construction and Landmark Design.

Total Price: $3,490

Have a project in mind?

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